Assess your team against The 7 Elements of a High Performance Healthcare Team

AND gain the tools you need to create visible and sustained

improvement in your team’s effectiveness.

A Powerful Healthcare Team Assessment

The Healthcare Team Fitness Tool gives you a simple way to:

  • Assess your team against the practices that make the biggest difference to healthcare team performance.
  • Move your team from where they are to where they and your patients need them to be.
  • Take a quick temperature check of your team and know exactly what needs to improve (and how) for better team effectiveness, dynamics and ultimately better patient care.
  • Get “early warning” information to prevent team conflict and performance issues.
  • Keep your team committed to, and accountable for, continuous improvement.
  • Communicate to your team the ‘non-negotiable’ practices that must consistently show up to achieve better results, more easily.
  • And much more.

Clear and Actionable Assessment Results

Get focused on team needs.  Quickly.

With meaningful and easy-to understand assessment results you will quickly identify your team’s key strengths and the specific factors that must be strengthened for improved performance. The result? You and your team will know exactly what they need to do to improve their effectiveness and deliver even better patient care.

View Team Results Online

Your team’s results are generated online in your Healthcare Team Fitness Account in a simple and meaningful manner including downloadable charts, tables and reports.

Share The Healthcare Team Fitness Profile Report

Designed to enable team action this report clearly outlines how well your team demonstrates each of the 7 Elements of a High Performance Healthcare Team.

Track Team Results Over Time

Easily compare your team’s previous assessment results with their current results with dynamic charting features

Identify Organization-Wide Team Needs

With the comparison features you can easily identify common team strengths and areas for growth across multiple teams.

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Team Fitness Tool

Needs-Based Team Solutions

Get beyond “Now What?”

Team Fitness Tool

The Healthcare Team Fitness Tool generates at least 16 Team Modules that target each team’s specific needs as identified by their assessment. Now each of your teams can take the right steps right away to improve their effectiveness.

Quickly Create Powerful Team Development Sessions

Say goodbye to instructional design. Now you can take your team through a tailored and ongoing team development process utilizing the team’s unique Healthcare Team Modules.

Unique Healthcare Team Modules Every Time

As your team needs change, so do the Team Modules. Each healthcare team assessment generates a unique set of at least 16 Team Modules that target the 4 weakest areas identified by the assessment.

Combine Team Modules with Existing Content

With Team Modules of varying lengths from 15 minutes to 3 hours you can easily integrate them into existing content or use them as stand-alone-sessions.

Share Team Modules with your Teams

With easy to use Facilitator Guides, teams can take ownership of their own development and use the Team Modules in team meetings, in team huddles and lead their own lunch and learns.

Facilitator Guides, Power Point Slides, Handouts

Each of the 12 team modules includes easy-to-use facilitator guides, complete with interactive scripting, engaging team activities and handouts.

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And Much, Much More.

No Software to Install.

With your private and secure Team Fitness account there is no software to install.  Just open a browser and go!

Free Support and Consultation

Get advice on how to best support your teams, whenever you need it. We are here to ensure the Team Fitness process is as SIMPLE and as EFFECTIVE as possible.

Capture Team Member Comments

Each assessment includes the opportunity for team members to share, in their own words, what is working and what isn’t working in the team by answering an open-ended question.

Easy Assessment Management

Add team member information and launch the team assessment in as little as 3 minutes. You can also send reminder emails to ensure a high response rate!

Tools to Engage your Team

Get the Team Fitness Process started on the right foot with tools and best-practices for creating team engagement in the development process.

Turnkey Solution

Everything you need to easily launch a customized and needs-based team development process is included in the Team Fitness Tool. Now you can strengthen the performance of more teams more quickly.

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